Wednesday, December 9, 2009

1st Post

It is a bandwagon! I shall board it immediately! :P

After a bunch of the other gents from the Ordo created blogs (and Sean indicated that it was a wonderful way to avoid homework), I couldn't resist. What the hell I'll do with it is another question, but for now... it exists.

I've been involved in the Warhammer hobby for, hm, probably 10 years. Dad got into it when I was a wee young'un, and I tagged along with him until I finally began understanding the rules and how to play. I started with 40k, gravitated over to Lord of the Rings when I found more people locally to play Lotr with, went BACK to 40k when I stumbled upon the Danbury hobby shop gaming group that has now evolved into Ordo Ineptus... I'm even in the midst of developing a sizable Chaos army for Fantasy.

Since my life is being hopelessly sucked up with schoolwork, I'm thinking that this may be a way to try and submerge me back into the Ordo/hobby for a bit. Most of the stuff will be about hobbying stuff... though I'm sure some of it won't be, I'll try ;)

I'm guessing once the new Tyranid codex comes out (!!!) my posting will pick up quite a bit as well...

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